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"I got my self-esteem back!"

"I had lost hope that I will ever feel attractive again. For two months Nidora worked miracles with my figure! The best part - my husband can not stop complimenting me, he was not so attracted for many, many years! It's amazing!"

Rita Sultana
effect after two months of use

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My name is Dr. Stephen Hill and I deal with nutrition for 16 years. I recently had the privilege and pleasure to introduce in Malta. the amazingly effective formula to naturally reduce appetite and sustain weight reduction - NIDORA - System for losing weight in a natural way.

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Some of the problems associated my work include slow metabolism, progressive weight gain, formation of cellulite, obesity, eating disorders and more. In my practice I have dealt with more than 8,000 patients, some of whom not only had problems with weight and nutrition, but suffered from poor health, low self-esteem and depression as a result of sedentary lifestyle, poor eating habits and imperfect looks.

My long experience has taught me that in order to "cheat" the body to use its fat reserves as fuel and therefore lose weight we should not subject it to a grueling hunger and limitations. If our brain recognizes that our body is not sated and needs more food, it will signal the slowing of metabolism. So even if you do not eat almost anything we will lose weight slowly and poorly – the lost weight will be 85 % water , not fat. Another reason diets are not a good method for weight loss is that prolonged starvation triggers uncontrollable appetite, leading to overeating and extra gain of weight. This is the well-known yo-yo effect that almost every woman has felt after being to tight regimen of diet.

As a professional I have researched, tested and analyzed the effects of various kinds of diets and weight loss products. During the 16 years of my practice as a nutritionist I have found only one product that allows elimination of fat, cellulite and appetite in such a quick manner and with such lasting results. This is Nidora.

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Honestly, people who came to me were visibly thinner even after a week use. Most people, after 2 or 3 weeks using it, were losing about 8 kilos. Remarkably, the weight loss was not just water as in the diets and tablets for weight reduction. My patients who used Nidora, were losing only fat from their body, and in this way seemed much more fit, not loose and exhausted. They said that no matter they were eating fattening foods and did not restrict the amount of calories intentionally, their appetite is much weaker than before and sate with small portions. Therefore, their weight loss was completely natural, safe and most of all permanent. In this method of weight loss the yo- yo effect can not occur - this makes Nidora a remarkable product unmatched among other methods of weight loss.

You can easily:

  • Reduce appetite naturally
  • Never overeat again
  • Eat whatever you like without gaining weight
  • Lose weight visibly and permanently without hunger and fitness
  • Burn calories 3 times faster than before
  • Be proud with your slender body
  • Have a new, unshakable confidence
  • Strengthen your health
  • Forget about hunger, overeating and guilt
  • Eat with pleasure, without continually restraining yourself

The formula I'm writing about, acts in two main areas:


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Studies show that in 98% of the cases, exactly the torture of the body and mind with hunger and workouts leads to uncontrolled eating, known as "ravenous hunger". This is a condition in which you catch up on all barely suffered deprivation and no power in the world can stop you. Nidora is designed to block the impulse eating, which occurs in the brain imbalance of certain enzymes and hormones.

Once you sprinkle the food with Nidora, immediately, in 2-3 minutes, you start to feel real satiety without having eaten even a small part of what you usually eat. This feeling lasts a few hours and with no effort of will you feel sate and you do not think about food. When using Nidora it is sufficient even a week to remove the two main culprits of obesity - enlarged stomach and imbalances in the body that cause the brain to alert the body to resupply with food.

Within days, the enzyme balance of the body can be brought back into balance, then the desire for eating progressively reduced and the size of the stomach shrinks repeatedly. Thus, the intake of calories is limited significantly completely healthy and naturally because the body "believes" that it is stocked with enough calories and it can safely move from "hoarding" mode to "burn" mode. It is this innovative mechanism that makes Nidora an extremely effective product for quality, progressive and sustained weight loss.


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Nidora is a combination of natural substances whose effect on weight loss so far has been neglected and misused. 99% of the drugs for weight loss consist of dangerous chemicals that aggressively dehydrate the body, creating a false sense of weight loss. In fact, the only thing they do is to drain the water from the body, so the body loses weight and reduces its volume.

This creates ideal conditions for the yo-yo effect that most women experience after treatment with pills or drastic diets - the body begins furiously to catch up and to gain weight because it has switched to "survival" mode. When the body is in a similar mode (which is provoked by frequent changes of starving and overeating), it can not lose fat, even if you eat an apple a day. It results in a sort of "locking" the fat in the body. Thanks to its unconventionally combined ingredients Nidora restores the balance in the body, it sets it back to fat burning mode and toxin removal.

Do you know what is the only reason the body to turn the eaten food into fat reserves? The lack of enzymes that the body can produce by itself in sufficient quantities and therefore compensates by excess caloric intake. Nidora contains the right natural extracts that stimulate the production of these enzymes. They in turn do not allow hunger to occur and promote the rapid contraction of the stomach and the instant fat loss from the body weight. Therefore Nidora makes it impossible to gain weight, whatever you eat.

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Currently, the product I recommend to all my clients suffering from obesity and excessive eating is NIDORA - System for losing weight in a natural way. Obviously, the effectiveness of this formula is really uncompromising because my clients call me to boast how they've actually lost weight considerably easier and faster. Since I recommend Nidora, my schedule is full and my clientele has increased threefold - people want to achieve the change they have seen in their friends and family!.

How to use Nidora:


No need of a nutritionist or gym. You only need to carry the Nidora box with you and to sprinkle the food you intend to eat. No need to nibble, to calculate calories and refrain from delicious foods you love . Simply sprinkle and enjoy the taste. Within minutes you will feel that you don't really feel hungry and you can not continue eating. Thus you enjoy your meals, yet you will continually lose weight in a safe and enjoyable way - eating with a measure you 've never been able to impose by force.


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The composition of Nidora was very thoroughly clinically studied and obtained all necessary safety certificates. As a result, the product quickly became popular among celebrities, actresses and ordinary women. Furthermore, Nidora got fantastic evaluations among doctors and nutritionists.


Even a day is enough to reduce the size of the enlarged with overeating stomach. Even in a day the effect of the combustion processes in the body can be felt - the belly is not swollen, the muscles are toned, the appetite of the person is weak and the thoughts about food don't haunt him as often as before.

This may be the most effective of the available methods for ordinary people for permanent and easy weight loss. Besides being examined by a team of scientists and documented by NCBI (National Center for Biotechnology Information), the method was tested on me and many other people, such as Mrs. Lilian Bonello from Guildford

I found how I'll never gain weight again!

It's something super interesting! I've always gained the weight back after a diet. I tried with Nidora and for two months now I keep a slender figure, though I don't deprive myself at all and I lead a pretty sedentary life! It's great – I literally forgot what it's like to be fat!

Lilian Bonello, 29
effect after 3 months use

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Don't forget that Nidora, just like any other, and often much more expensive method, may not work on everyone. A small percentage of people have a very unusual eating disorders and metabolic abnormalities, and this method is not recommended for them.

However, the manufacturers of Nidora are so confident in the product's performance and customer satisfaction, that they give the following guarantee:

Guarantee for refund

If you do not lose at least 8 kg per month or for any reason you're not happy with the product - then send back the empty package of NIDORA and the company will refund the paid money without asking any questions!

- This is our special guarantee for you!

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How to order Nidora weight loss formula at a lower price?

Nidora is a dietary supplement with the highest quality. Its development is the result of years of scientific and laboratory research, as well as the best solutions in the field of nutrition. Moreover Nidora is a product with proven outstanding performance. Therefore it can not be cheap.

However, the manufacturers have decided to make a discount for the customers' first visit to the site. You just have to decide now and you get a discount of over 37%.

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Follow the instructions below and do not send any money and do not pay in advance to order Nidora. You have to pay upon receiving the product.

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Fill in the form fields at the bottom of the page. Nidora will end up in your hands in 2-3 days. Then you try it and appreciate it. If you are not 100% satisfied, simply send an empty product package to the return address and you'll get your money back - no questions asked.

In fact, I am personally convinced that you will be more than pleased. Honestly, I expect you to be delighted. I think it will get you rid of the excess weight and will reduce the waist and the hips easier than you think.

Good luck,
Dr. Stephen Hill

The formula for healthy weight loss Nidora will take you to the desired goal - a slender body without a trace of cellulite - without impossible diets, without painful hunger, without strenuous exercise, without the yo-yo effect.

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